As part of our Community topic, Blue 1 have visited different places in Tyne and Wear. We have went to The Baltic and Millennium Bridge and also to The Word in South Shields. Pupils spent some social time at The Word, by visiting the library and the café.




As part of 3d shapes in Maths, pupils have created a 3d robot/house/favoured character (such as Woody), using junk materials. These are currently on display in Blue 1.





In PE, Blue 1 and Blue 2 have joined together to complete ‘to me to you’ games. We have used balls, bean bags, ribbons etc. to practise throwing and catching. We have also use the parachute to warm up in the sessions, which pupils have really enjoyed. 



Blue 1 have been reading the story ‘Dr Dog’ by Babette Cole. They have enjoyed a sensory story and differentiated activities with this. Also, as part of literacy, pupils have been completing ‘What’s in the bag?’ tasks, which have included lots of activities to promote and help fine motor skills and using two hands together. In numeracy, Blue 1 has been working hard on numbers and even completed a number hunt around the school. We have also explored time, money and repeating patterns.

During Science, we have investigated how to keep ourselves healthy, including food, teeth and exercise. We have also completed experiments that involved the 1960’s era, all pupils loved this, especially tie dying white socks. The first half term, it was Blue 1’s turn for Judo. All pupils love this and engage and participate fully with Kev our Judo instructor.


Communication Skills


Willy the Wimp

World Book Week

In Our Class

Maths and Literacy