At Keelman’s Way School we take all aspects of safety very seriously, including e-safety. Pupils in our school learn how to use technology responsibly and are taught the importance of good online behaviour.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly evident that many pupils are using social networking sites. A growing number of pupils have created accounts at home and some may be uploading images or writing inappropriately. Accounts on social networking sites are designed for users over the age of 13. Children under this age can only set up an account by providing a false date of birth. Although children under the age of 13 are capable of setting up social networking accounts, many of them do not have the maturity to deal with the responsibility which comes with online activities of this sort.

We would strongly advise that parents assist their children in disabling profiles on such sites as facebook, twitter, instagram and so on.

Below is a link to give parents/carers more information on Apps/websites your child may have access to.

App information for parents

To find out more about young people and social networks, and what you can do to protect them, here are some weblinks:

If you have concerns about anything your child may be doing on line at home please do not hesitate to get in touch.




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