Last half term Red 2’s topic was ‘Fairy Tales.’ We looked at the story ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ and designed pig masks and biscuits. We looked at different materials used to make the pigs houses and built some houses out of wood and bricks. The students enjoyed exploring different types of materials and deciding if the objects were heavy or light. In Literacy students joined in reading the story repeating key phrases such as ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down,’ and enjoyed singing, ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf,’ along with answering questions on what happened in the story.

In Red 2 we have been focusing on ‘Pirates’ and Autumn for our first half term. As part of our topic we had a class story ‘Meg, Mog and the Pirate’. We all enjoyed the story and wanted to explore the props and dress up to role play.  We enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt outdoors and painting with the natural objects we found. In addition, we also had the opportunity to bake Halloween cakes in cookery as well as a Judo slot every week.



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The Teddy Bear’s Picnic