Governors Statement



Governors have dealt with many of the general issues that impact on school as well as their core role.


The governing body is made up of a variety of different groups.


  • Parent governors – elected by and from among parents of registered pupils at the school. Local authority (LA) governors – appointed by the LA.
  • Community governors – appointed by members of the Governing Body who are not themselves co-opted, they are intended to be representatives of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.
  • Staff governors – people who work in school and are elected by their colleagues. There are two different types, teaching and non-teaching staff governors.What we do:The governors meet at least once every term, as a full governing body, to discuss the running of the school. This would include looking at:
  • The school’s budget and various policies e.g. behaviour, sex and relationship education.
  • Performance management.
  • The overall ethos and direction of the school.
  • Long-term planning.
  • Target setting for pupils.
  • Staffing structures.Key issues addressed by the Governing body 2016-16
  • Governors are working to ensuring financial stability for the school both now and going forward
  • Governor training that has enhanced their knowledge of finance and safeguarding
  • Building on current estate to improve facilities for pupils and community users
  • Supporting the continued improvement in school performance with proactive self-review and external review
  • Providing appropriate resources and support to ensure the safe running of the school
  • Approve development of the school website
  • Providing opportunities for community engagement through lettings
  • Establishing strategies to support the development of 19+ Special Needs Provision by a variety of means


Impact of the Governing body


The governing body brings a wider range of experience to support and challenge the school to meet the needs of pupils.


  • Governors have a robust knowledge of the school and its performance
  • Discussion with the LA has raised the profile of concerns around the budget provision to support our pupils
  • Staff, mangers and governors have a shared perception of the school performance supported by a wide range of internal and external evidence or evaluation
  • Recruitment of new parent and co-opted member secures suitable governance for the future