Last night we were invited to The Key award ceremony at Newcastle Civic Centre. 6 pupils, 3 staff and one parent enjoyed a night of celebrating young peoples achievements from across the North East. We had a lovely meal, danced to music and enjoyed social time together.

Groups of pupils from Keelman’s Way School were nominated for a range of categories, including ‘Key Inspirational Group of 2018’ and ‘Key Community Champions of 2018’. We are so proud of them for all the hard work they have put in this year to help the school and local community.

Toni Waugh, our Blue 2 teacher, won ‘Key Facilitator of 2018’, which is an amazing achievement, as she was selected out of all the Key Facilitators across the North East.

We also had other staff nominated for ‘Key Facilitator of 2018’ and ‘Key Volunteers of 2018’.

Well done everyone