ROSSCARE(Wheelchair repairs) tel –  4155151……Rosscare are only available for EMERGENCIES ONLY as they are running on a skeleton staff
WHEELCHAIR SERVICES – tel – 4041097….Only available for EMERGENCIES ONLY …Things are changing on a daily basis with this service so please ring first do not turn up at the hospital
 PALMERS HOSPITAL CHILDREN’S PHYSO DEPT  – Tel  4028000 …They are still running a very limited service but they are available for emergencies.
ORTHOTICS –  Emergencies only please get in touch with PALMERS if you have any problems with your childs Afo’s – boots – gaiters – helmet etc
Useful Physio tips while your child is at home
Please continue to use your child’s AFO’s /Gaiters on a daily basis
Regular positional changes throughout the day eg Standing frame Positional chair sleep system corner seat etc
Limit free time on floor or sofa
The sleep system can also be used as a positional piece of equipment during the day.